One of the most common dental procedures sought out by people who have such dental condition as an over- or underbite is braces. This dentist-approved procedure aims to align and move the teeth to a more desirable arrangement for both function and aesthetic purposes. There is a significant shift, however, in the trend when it comes to which type of brace to use (traditional vs. newer designs) as more and more patients are moving to clear braces from the traditional metal braces. That being the case, knowing the differences and advantages of this type of brace is important to help you decide if you should choose it or not.

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Why the Need to Correct Dental Issues

Aside from the poor quality of smile and self-confidence issues that could come as a result of misaligned or crooked teeth, overbite and underbite can also cause eating-related and health issues. If you cannot chew your food properly, you might find yourself missing much-needed nutrients. If you are an adult who works on a day-to-day basis that involves meeting with countless people, having troubles with your smile and speech can greatly impact your line of work. In these seemingly simple yet important activities, you can easily see the state of your oral health matters.

After a consultation with your Indianapolis dentist, you would be able to know if you are a candidate for invisible braces. Compared to the traditional method, this is an aesthetically-approved and faster healing correction for your bite issues, along with any spacing and crowding problems. You can now completely skip over the stigma of having metals or wires in your mouth.

Aside from this, having clear braces also allows you to keep up with oral hygiene practices better. If you are wearing metal braces, you will not be able to take it off after it is fitted into your mouth, making eating a dilemma. Those who wear braces are prone to having food stuck within the wire structures; however, if you wear invisible braces, you will be able to remove it so you can eat properly and then practice normal brushing and flossing afterwards. Also, your visits to your dentist in Indianapolis are significantly lesser since you are allowed to replace the aligners on your own every few weeks.

Just like with traditional braces, the first few weeks can leave feeling a bit uncomfortable. Fret not, however, as, in a little as six months, you can already see changes in the alignment of your teeth as well as the correction of your bite.

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