Speaking is an essential part of communication. How will you be able to speak confidently if you are having issues with your bad breath? True enough, bad breath can hinder you in numerous ways.

Common Dental Condition

Know The Facts Behind of Bad Breath

Medically known as halitosis, bad breath is a dental condition that affects many people in Greenwood and anywhere else. Worse still, this problem can lead to other conditions that can greatly affect both your oral health and overall health if not treated properly. Anyone can have bad breath and most of the time, the reasons behind it are common.

On a normal basis, everyone has “morning breath”. Each morning, you wake up to this but after brushing and flossing, your breath returns to normal. This is due to the dryness that happens within the mouth overnight when you are sleeping. Bad breath causing bacteria thrive in this kind of environment and as you sleep, the conditions of your mouth becomes the perfect spot for these bacteria. There is nothing to worry about, though, since this usually goes away after your oral hygiene routine. Persistent occurrence of bad breath, however, is another matter entirely.

When it comes to oral health, bad breath can be a symptom of other underlying dental issues that can worsen when neglected. This is why you should be aware of the causes of bad breath. One main reason of this is poor oral hygiene. The bacteria that are responsible for the foul smell on your breath are the same bacteria that are responsible for gum disease and tooth decay. Inconsistent practice of hygiene can encourage and worsen bad breath.

Smoking is another cause of bad breath. In fact, smoking also causes discoloration of the teeth, gum irritation and loss of sense of taste. This habit greatly contributes to the deterioration of one’s oral health and can even lead to oral cancer. The chemicals that are released during the combustion of the cigarettes linger on the throat and the mouth. Long-term smoking leads to a serious degree of halitosis, most commonly called the “smoker’s breath”.

Some medications can also cause dryness in the mouth that manifests through lack of saliva. This promotes buildup of bacteria and in turn can lead to bad breath. On the other hand, a certain medical condition, called xerostomia, keeps the mouth dry as well.

These are just some of the reasons behind occasional or persistent bad breath. In entirety, daily practice of oral hygiene as well as daily consultation with your family dentist in Greenwood, can help prevent halitosis. Prevention is always better than cure, by addressing your bad breath issue, you can gain back your confidence and even intercept other serious dental conditions.

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