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Dr. Gillum has over 25 years experience with advanced cosmetic dental procedures. He utilizes master lab specialists to ensure that your veneers are strong, natural, look and feel real.

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Cosmetic Dentist in Greenwood, IN

Cosmetic Dentistry is the art and science of making your smile as attractive as it can be.  As one of the most trusted cosmetic dentists in Greenwood, Indiana, our goal is to select the most conservative, least invasive procedure that is right for you. Although we offer beautiful lifelike replacements for your natural teeth, nothing is more comfortable and resilient than your natural tooth structure.

Invisalign is the most aesthetic orthodontic method to improve the appearance of slightly irregular or crooked teeth. It utilizes a series of clear removable trays to gradually improve the appearance of your smile. However, this method is not nearly as effective, efficient, or stable as 6 Month Smiles.
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Do you wish you could have straight teeth but can’t stand the idea of wearing braces for two years? With 6 Month Smiles short term cosmetic braces treatment, your front teeth can be beautifully straight in 6-9 months. Six Month Smiles does not change the comfortable bite you already have, just the appearance of your front teeth. It uses tooth-colored brackets and wires that are barely noticeable. You get incredible, straight teeth by your next check-up from a Greenwood, Indiana, cosmetic dentist with 30 years of comprehensive orthodontic treatment experience for children, teenagers and adults.
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Your Content Goes HereThe appearance of practically everyone’s teeth can be improved with custom tray teeth whitening, with or without an in office boosting session, called Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening. Custom Tray Teeth Whitening is the gold standard in having the brightest teeth possible.

Enamel is like a solid surface counter-top: Its decay resistance is uniform throughout. We can re-shape edges, shorten teeth, smooth bumps, close spaces and add small amounts of tooth blended bonding to create the illusion of balance and straighter teeth. It’s non-invasive dental magic!

Laser Dentistry can be used to improve your smile, remove oral growths, prevent gum recession, treat gum disease, and relieve pain from cold sores, fever blisters and TMJ pain. Once you use a soft tissue laser, dentistry without it simply is not an option. It changes the playing field that much. Dentistry is handicapped without it.

Your old metal fillings can be replaced safely with tooth colored materials that strengthen your teeth and preserve natural tooth structure. Having sensitivity and pain after your fillings are replaced is not normal. With Dr. Gillum personally doing your restorative work, you are assured of the best, most comfortable result.

Crowns create dramatic changes in the appearance of your smile. They are appropriate when a large amount of tooth has been lost to decay, large fillings or traumatic injury. Crowns sacrifice a large amount of natural tooth structure that may result in damage to the tooth’s nerve. Do your homework before you have your front teeth crowned. Be cautious and ask lots of questions. Dentists are like artists. Their ability to create natural-looking beauty varies greatly.

There is no reason why anyone has to put up with teeth that are discolored or poorly shaped, have gaps, or are crooked. In today’s dentistry, a veneer can be placed over the teeth to correct nature’s mistake or the results of an injury and help you have a beautiful sparkling smile. Veneers are thin, custom-fabricated shells which cover the front side of the teeth. The perfect smiles of celebrities are often dentist-created smiles with these same identical thin shells.

Dental porcelain veneers are most suitable for complex cases like dullness, wear, discoloration, extensive chipping, cracking, unevenness, or spacing between teeth. Once bonded, veneers have incredible strength and lifelike radiance and last a very long time. Without precise design and correct enamel removal, however, veneers will look large, bright and unreal. This result is typical of the national advertised “Lumineer” procedure, which Dr. Richard Gillum personally doesn’t recommend.

Not all veneer applications are equal in terms of beauty and duplication of a natural appearance. Just as one artist or painter isn’t as accomplished as another, the talent and experience of the dentist and lab that creates the veneers makes the real difference in whether the final result will be trouble free looks and feels real.

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