Laser Dentistry (Bio-Lase)

At Gillum Dentistry, a family centered general dental practice in Greenwood Indiana, we utilize the advanced technology ez-lase 940 diode laser to treat soft tissue disease and gum abnormalities. Soft tissue lasers create little or no discomfort and many can be accomplished with topical or minimal anesthetic.

Healing is uneventful with little or no discomfort. Laser Dentistry can be used to improve your smile, remove oral growths, prevent gum recession, treat gum disease, and relieve pain from cold sores, fever blisters and TMJ pain. Once you use a soft tissue laser, dentistry without it simply is not an option. It changes the playing field that much. Dentistry is handicapped without it.

The ez-lase 940 soft tissue laser for simple routine oral surgery and periodontal gum treatment procedures gives you a clear advantage over dated treatment using scalpels, and sutures. We offer ez-lase 940 laser treatments to maximize your comfort and provide optimal results with all of our dental procedures.

A major deterrent to accomplishing exceptional dentistry is overgrowth of gum tissue between the teeth that bleeds easily, has a poor texture and obscures proper visualization for decay removal and proper restoration. The ez-lase 940 eliminates this problem with no post op pain.

We offer solutions such as:

Frenectomies to close spaces between teeth and prevent Gum Recession

Dense ribbon like connections called Frenums that may prevent closure of the space between your child’s two front teeth, restrict the movement of the tongue or cause your gums to pull away from your teeth can be “released” with the ez-lase 940 diode laser. No bleeding or discomfort is experienced. Healing is non eventful within a few days.


I want to thank our special friend Ryan for allowing us to feature his procedure on our web page. The Frenectomy was accomplished with the aide of safe nitrous oxide sedation and a compounding pharmacy 3 part topical anesthetic. No shot required. The ez-lase 940 diode laser was used with an average power of only 1.3 watts. There is no bleeding or discomfort during the procedure. Healing is rapid and uneventful.

Improving Your Smile Line

Re-shaping your gums to improve the appearance of your smile is safe and discomfort free with the ez-lase 940. It safely removes and re-contours excess gum tissue that may give you a “gummy” smile, or make your front teeth appear small or irregular in size or shape.

Remove Benign Growths

We often use ez-lase 940 soft tissue laser to remove annoying traumatic growths or excess tissue in your mouth including gum tissue over an un-erupted tooth, small “tags” called Papillomas, and growths called Fibromas or Mucoseals.

Treat Periodontal Disease

Procedures that utilize focused laser energy are beneficial in reducing gum inflammation and bleeding pockets between teeth. Lasers are used to detoxify and disrupt bio-film bacterial activity that causes bone loss around the teeth.

Relieve the Pain of Cold Sores and Fever Blisters

The ez-lase 940 often provides immediate relief from painful cold sores and fever blisters. It is used after many dental procedures to minimize post operative discomfort and promote healing and the elimination of muscle pain associated with TMJ.

How does Ez-Lase 940 Dentistry work – is it safe?

The ez-lase 940 is one of the most trusted and advanced dental technologies available today. It was developed by Bio-LASE technology, the leader in dental lasers. Bio-LASE dental lasers have been used to treat millions of patients.

An ez-lase 940 laser creates a band of highly concentrated light energy, and sends it through an optical fiber to its hand piece. The hand piece is used to aim the laser energy at precisely the areas to be treated. The tissue is simply vaporized not cut or burned like conventional procedures with no bleeding or scabbing.

The ez-lase 940 was developed specifically to aid the repair of decayed and damaged teeth, treat gum disease and other soft tissue problems in the mouth safely and comfortably.