Dental Emergencies

If you have a dental emergency during normal business hours and need to see the Dentist immediately, please call the office at 317-888-7576 for emergency treatment and pain relief and to assess your dental emergency. We are typically able to see new patient emergencies the same day.  For an emergency after hours, weekends and holidays, please call the office where you will be instructed to call or text the Doctor on his cell phone.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of your dental health.


Dental Emergencies may require you to see a dentist if you experience:

Tip: Rinse your mouth and the area around the tooth with warm saltwater, then floss around the tooth to make sure that debris is not causing the pain. If the pain persists or if there is swelling on the gum in front of the tooth or a swelling in your face or jaw, you may need an antibiotic. Please call the office for assistance.

Tip: Rinse the tooth gently with milk or saliva to remove debris. If the root looks intact, place the tooth into the socket it fell from and hold it in place the best you can until you get to our dental office. Otherwise, put the tooth into a Baggie of milk and bring it to us so that we can determine whether reattachment is possible.

Tip: Facial or jaw swelling may be due to infection, an abscess, or trauma. Please call for an appointment immediately so we can properly diagnose the cause of the swelling and provide the most effective treatment for you. In the meantime, you can place crushed ice cubes in a zip lock bag and wrap a towel around it. Apply the cold compress for 20 minutes and off for 20 minutes on the affected area and repeat as necessary to alleviate the symptoms.

Tip: If you think your jaw may be broken, apply a cold compress and proceed to a local emergency room immediately. If you lost or damaged teeth, during your injury, please call our office immediately.

Tip: Occasionally your jaw may become locked and painful with the inability to chew or open. Contact our office for an immediate evaluation. In the mean time, apply ice and/or heat and avoid chewing.

Minor Dental Problems

In case of a minor dental problem or a non-emergency dental issue please click the link below

Or Call our Greenwood Dental Office at 317.888.7576

Minor Dental Problems

Mon-Thurs: 8:00a-5:00p
Friday: By Appointment

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