Stop Bang Sleep Test

The Stop-Bang Sleep Test is designed to quickly and easily determine if a sleep disorder could possibly be present or be a factor in your overall health and well being.

Sleep Apnea is a dangerous medical condition that causes a person to momentarily wake up, throughout the night, from breathing disturbances. (You stop breathing which lowers the oxygen level in the blood). Sleep Apnea disturbs your sleep leaving you tired and fatigued during the day. Sleep Apnea contributes to many medical conditions, making them more difficult for you and your doctor to manage. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Diabetes, Heart Failure, and Stroke are more common in people who suffer from Sleep Apnea as are motor vehicle and work related accidents.


Do you SNORE (louder than talking or loud enough to be heard through closed doors)?
Yes or No

Do you often feel TIRED, fatigued or sleepy during daytime?
Yes or No

Has anyone OBSERVED you stop breathing during your sleep?
Yes or No

Do you or are you being treated for high blood PRESSURE?
Yes or No


BMI more than 35kg/m2? (See Calculator)
Yes or No

AGE over 50 years old?
Yes or No

NECK circumference > 16 inches (40cm)?
Yes or No

Yes or No

Low Risk of OSA: Yes 0-2
Medium Risk of OSA: Yes 3-4
High Risk of OSA: Yes 5-8
Or Yes to 2 or more STOP questions + Male Gender
Or Yes to 2 or more STOP questions + BMI > 35kg/m2
Or Yes to 2 or more STOP questions + Neck circumference 17″ / 43cm Male or 16″ / 41cm F

Taking this sleep test and the results provided in no way substitutes for a medical assessment or diagnostic procedure, but serves as a useful guide to help focus future consultations.