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Restorative Dentistry

Gillum Dentistry’s philosophy is that it is always better to do everything possible to preserve a patient’s natural teeth than to take drastic measures too soon. However, sometimes that course of action simply is not possible. Some of our patients have gone through an accident or illness that left one or more of their natural teeth severely damaged. In these cases, restorative dentistry may be the best and safest course of action to remove those teeth.

Once a tooth has been removed, it is important to replace it as soon as possible. A missing tooth is not just a cosmetic blemish, after all. It can misalign or unbalance your jaw, causing pain and even further damage. In these circumstances, Dr. Gillum and our highly trained staff recommend a dental implant or denture.

We utilize a combination of years of restorative dental experience and the Doctor’s gentle touch to successfully repair damaged smiles through our beautiful restorative dental treatments. Whether you have damaged or missing teeth  we will create a smile that remains healthy, attractive, and strong for years to come. Dr. Gillum’s ability to create natural dentistry comfortably with little to no pain is what separates Dr. Gillum among other dentists in Greenwood, IN.  Give us a call today at 317.888.7576 to schedule a Free Consultation or feel free to request an appointment below.