Patient Care & Infection Control

Gillum Dentistry cares about your health and safety.  We work hard to prevent the spread of infection including COVID-19.  Infection control involves actions in healthcare to help to prevent the spread of disease.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide COVID-19 recommendations for dental office infection control.  Before entering our treatment rooms, all surfaces, such as the exam chair, dental light, drawer handles, counter-tops as well as instrumentsx-ray sensors and intra-oral cameras have all been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. We also cover the backs of the dental chairs and other equipment with protective wrappings, which are replaced after each patient.  Dental tools and non-disposable items are also cleaned and sterilized between patients.  Disposable dental tools and needles are never re-used.  COVID-19 protocols also require all dental staff directly involved in patient care to utilize the appropriate personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, gowns and eye-wear as needed.  After treating each patient gloves and masks are always disposed of.

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The foundations of a safe dental practice are honesty, compassion and trust.  You should feel comfortable discussing the topic of patient care and infection control with Dr. Richard Gillum and expect to receive a straightforward answer.  Gillum Dentistry and our entire team follow the procedures and recommendations set forth by several federal agencies:  the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

COVID-19 Infection Control Measures Include:

  • Disposable Materials

  • Sterilization of all Equipment

  • Gloves, Face Masks & Shields

  • Protective Gowns & Scrub Jackets

  • Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant Soap

  • Disposable Chair & Surface Wrappings

  • Air Purifiers (Lobby + Treatment Rooms)

  • On-Site Washer & Dryer for PPE

  • Disinfection of Counter-Tops & Surfaces

COVID-19 Dental Office Protocols: What to Expect

During your next visit to our dental office in Greenwood, you might notice some of our new safety and infectious control protocols.  For example, we may:

  • Request that you wear a mask to your appointment; we also have masks available at patient check-in

  • Ask to take yours and other patients’ temperature upon arrival to your dental appointment

  • Be wearing additional personal protective equipment to include but not limited to gowns, masks, face shields etc.

Please be advised that these are only examples of the new protocols.  As the COVID-19 situation changes, some of these new protocols may change as well.

These safety and infectious control protocols will help maintain a safe environment while we address any dental concerns or needs that you may have.

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