comfortable dental injections

Comfortable Dental Injections in Greenwood, IN

The pain free dental alternative

Doctors simply are not taught in school to give comfortable dental injections.  Their injection technique is left to practice through trial and error.  In their haste Doctors fail to manage two critical variables.

In fact, 10-15% of us are so fearful we never visit the dentist in a preventative way period! Manage these two variables and a comfortable dental injection is virtually guaranteed.  Prior trauma with painful dental injections can leave some fearful and anxious.  Patients anticipate that shots are going to hurt.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  So what are the real reasons for painful dental injections?

The enemies of dental injection comfort are:

Most popular anesthetic solutions used by dentists are acidic.  They sting and burn when they are injected into tender tissue in the mouth.

When the solution is delivered too fast, tissue resistance or pressure is felt as pain.  Combined you have a “pain wreck” waiting to happen.

The topical pre-anesthetics are improperly managed.

The Solution to the Comfortable Dental Injection

30 years ago I discovered a rarely used anesthetic that has virtually no burn or sting.  The solution has a neutral Ph.  Most anesthetics feel like putting alcohol or iodine on a cut. It stings like crazy. My special anesthetic feels like water on a cut.  I’d disclose the name, but for now it’s my secret.

Patients rave when you don’t hurt them. But what about that anxiety doc? No problem. We offer free nitrous oxide relaxing gas to all our patients. It’s part of the technique.  This along with a special topical anesthetic this melts the anxiety away.  So lay back, Close your eyes and relax.  It’s just that easy at Gillum Dentistry.  Our innovation and commitment to our patient’s comfort sets us apart.

Then I devised an ultra low pressure slowly advancing technique to deliver the anesthetic.  This results in minimal if any discomfort at all.  Together I call it “The Worlds most comfortable injection technique.”