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Six Month Smiles Clear Braces in Greenwood, IN

Many adults struggle to feel comfortable with their smiles knowing that there are small gaps or minor alignment errors in their front teeth.  As adults, these people do not want to commit to wearing traditional braces for two or more years just to fix small cosmetic dental problems. Traditional braces look juvenile, unprofessional, and just plain unattractive, and they take a long time to work.  This is where Six Month Smiles Clear Braces (Aligners) come into play!

Six Month Smiles clear braces treatment in Greenwood, IN straightens your front teeth without relying upon traditional braces. We apply tooth-colored brackets and wires, which are hardly noticeable once they have been placed, and we get the job done in just 6-9 months! You get a beautiful smile faster and with less embarrassment in the meantime with clear braces.

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FAQ about Six Month Smiles Clear Braces:

What will my smile look like during the procedure?

Because we use tooth-colored (clear) brackets and wires, you will hardly notice a difference at first. Most people will not be able to tell that anything has changed. However, over time, your smile will become gradually straighter, and within a year your teeth will have reached their optimum positions.

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Will clear braces damage my teeth or gums?

Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Clear Braces System is every bit as safe as traditional orthodontic braces. The difference is not in the principles behind our approach but rather in the goals. With traditional orthodontics, the aim is to correct a misaligned or unbalanced bite by moving all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth. With Six Month Smiles, the patient already has a safe and painless bite, and we seek only to straighten the teeth at the front of the mouth for aesthetic purposes.

The reason 6 Month Smiles works faster than traditional braces is that we leave the back teeth where they are. The front teeth move much faster than back teeth, and therefore let us reach our goal sooner. However, patients’ front teeth do not move any faster in 6 Month Smiles than they would in orthodontic braces, and therefore there is no increased risk of pain or damage. Straight Teeth. Less Time. Clear Braces.