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Full & Partial Dentures

Dentures are natural-looking replacement teeth that are removable. There are two types of dentures: full and partial dentures. A full denture is given to patients when all of the natural teeth have been removed. A partial is attached to a metal frame that is connected to your natural teeth and are used to fill in where permanent teeth have been removed.  Like natural teeth, a denture needs to be cared for. Patients can use a gentle cleanser to brush your dentures, and always keep them moist when they’re not in use.  Also, be sure to keep your tongue and gums clean as well.

A denture will allow you to reform your smile and provide a comfortable, supporting fit while maintaining your natural look and feel.  As a long time Dentist located in Greenwood Indiana, Gillum Dentistry will do everything we can to ensure our patient’s complete satisfaction when providing any of our world class patient services.  Call us today at 317.888.7576 to discuss your restorative dental options or for any other questions or concerns that you may have.  If you would like to schedule an appointment or consultation you can do so here.