Q: Is Six Month Smiles Similar to Aligners ?

A: Six month smiles is similar to aligners in that it appeals to adult patients who want cosmetically focused orthodontics without the metal look of traditional braces.

However, there are significant benefits of Six Month Smiles compared to aligners.

Q: What are the benefits of Six Month Smiles compared to Aligners?

A: The number one benefit of Six Month Smiles is the dramatically shorter treatment time.

Treatment times are 2-3 times faster than comparable cases treated with aligners.

If I am treating a case with significant crowding and rotations, I can get those corrections in about 6 months with SMS. The actual treatment time averages 4-9 months.

Similar cases with aligners may take 16 months, 18 months or longer, and still fail to achieve the desired result.

Q: What makes the Six Month Smiles System more predictable than aligners?

A: Brackets and wires are simply more efficient and predicable. We can rotate, extrude and slide teeth the way we want to, changes that are difficult often impossible with aligners.

Its frustrating when teeth won’t rotate or extrude and your limited with what the aligner will or won’t do. It can be very frustrating for the patient and the dentist.

The control, the predicability of movement with the Six Month Smile System is definitely whats greatest about the system.

Q: How does the cost of Six Month Smiles compare to Aligners?

A: The Cost is typically a 1/3 less than aligner cases allowing more patients to be able to proceed with treatment.

A lower case fee for the dentist, more freedom for the patients and more patients that can ultimately proceed with treatment. Its a win for everyone.

Q: Which system do you prefer?

A: There are indications and bias for both systems. For the majority of patients the choice is clearly Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles is faster, more affordable, a better result and offers greater patient satisfaction.

First consult with a trusted Greenwood, IN dentist like Dr. Richard Gillum and the Gillum Dentistry Team to know if this procedure is right for you. If you’re a candidate for the Six Month Smile treatment, then you can avoid dental problems while enjoying a more presentable smile—all achieved in record time.