Are you looking for a compassionate, painless and experienced Family Dentist and Dental Team in Greenwood, Indiana? You will find all that and more right here at Gillum Dentistry. We are a full-service family dental care provider specializing in hand crafted beautiful smiles while preserving our patients’ natural teeth and keeping them perfectly comfortable and relaxed.

Many dentists are known for making their patients feel stressed and uncomfortable during their appointments. Some Hoosiers are so afraid of going to the dentist that they shun their appointments, putting their oral and general health at serious risk—but not our patients. Our team has a simple philosophy: Pamper our patients like family and provide dentistry right the first time with extreme comfort and awesome customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to our patients’ satisfaction influences every aspect of our patient-staff interactions. When Dr. Richard S. Gillum restores your smile, you have his undivided attention. He works with one patient at a time, completing all restorations himself. This ensures the highest level of quality and patient satisfaction.

Patients rave about Dr. Richard S. Gillum’s “Maximum Comfort Anesthetic Technique.”  So many people dread visiting their dentists, but it does not have to be an unpleasant experience. We offer complimentary nitrous oxide “relaxing gas” for an ultra comfortable anesthetic experience. Once you have experienced our unique, somewhat secret technique, you will never fear injections again.

Our exam and treatments are designed to look, feel, and smell more similar to a spa than the bright, sterile dentist office patients dread. We often work under dimmed lighting and offer wireless headphones for an overhead television, paraffin wax hand dips, blankets, neck pillows, and warm towels. After all, our services help boost your health, improve your appearance, and increase your overall life satisfaction. They should be an enjoyable experience!


Some of our patients have more trouble relaxing than others. For those who cannot imagine feeling comfortable in any dentist’s office, we  offer conscious oral sedation for a deeper level of relaxation and anxiety control. When searching for dentists in Greenwood and South Indianapolis, Indiana for your smile makeover, you will rarely find this level of commitment to your comfort and satisfaction anywhere else.

Our non-invasive, preventative philosophy preserves the radiance and vitality of your natural teeth and gums. Dr. Richard S. Gillum improves many smiles with a combination of tooth whitening, Six Month Smiles cosmetic orthodontics, resin bonding and minor tooth re-shaping rather than sacrifice vital natural teeth to irreversible crowns or veneers. This strategy minimizes the invaseness of our procedures and gives our patients more options for their dental health in the future.

We are dedicated to our patients’ health and safety at all times. Therefore, we are a mercury safe and mercury free dental office. Please call us today to discuss any  concerns or special needs you may have or to book a free consultation.